Dry Ice

Dancing on clouds by Disco Nyts

Dry ice is a stunning effect for your first dance. Floor hugging clouds will fill the floor and create that “wow” factor.

As standard we provide enough dry ice for the effect to last for your entire first dance leaving you with photos and unforgettable memories.

With each effect lasting between 5-6 minutes there is no doubt it’ll create first dance pictures that will last forever in the memory

Our Dry Ice machines will not rise and set off any fire alarms.

Dry Ice

Stunning effect for your first dance

Dry Ice

Stunning effect for your first dance

Dry Ice

Stunning effect for your first dance

Quick Facts

  • Low blanket of fog that will amaze your guests.
  • Dry ice is it will not effect the fire alarms
  • The show will last around 6 minutes so it will cover your whole 1st dance.

Why choose us

Award Winning Customer Service

At Disco Nyts we understand the importance of communication. We realise that when any of our customer have a question or a query they will need it answering as soon as possible. This is thanks to our customer service team who make sure all questions are answered as quickly as possible.


All bookings with Disco Nyts are covered by £10 million Public Liability Insurance. Our equipment is regularly PAT tested and certified. Both of these documents are becoming increasingly important for venues who can only allow correctly insured and tested suppliers to operate at their venues, or risk voiding their own insurance.

We can supply copies of our PLI and PAT certificates upon request, just ask.

1. FREE Early Set Up

At Disco Nyts we don’t believe in charging for an early set up. In order to give you a hassle free day and avoid any disturbance to your guests in the evening, we will set up as early as possible. Early set up is a fee we simply don’t believe in.

2. Do I have to pay extra for delivery?

The simple answer is no. At Disco Nyts the price we quote includes everything. We understand how annoying hidden charges can be.

3. How Long Does It Take To Set Up

Naturally this depends on the amount of equipment in question and how close we can park the delivery vehicle to unload. With poor access to the setup location it can often take longer to move the equipment into the building than it does to actually set-up the equipment once it is in position!

For setting up the dance floor there really is no fixed time period we can suggest, as one event might require a small dance floor only requiring 10 minutes and the next event could take a few hours. We will discuss timings with you during the planning stage.

Please remember to also allow time for packing away at the end of the day. Typically this takes 50% less time than setup, but again depends on how close we can get the collection vehicle.

4. Power Requirements

All of our equipment runs on standard single phase 240v 13A UK Mains power outlets. As a bare minimum we require two wall socket outlets within five meters of the equipment setup location. We always carry our own extension cables and protective cable covers.

5. Public Liability Insurance

Whilst we have our own Public Liability Insurance of £10 million, we always strongly advise all event organisers and those planning a wedding to consider taking out insurance themselves.

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