Couples are literally GLOWING on their wedding day!

Neon wedding signs have been popping up all over the place in wedding decor, so we thought we’d gather up our favorites for you! We’re loving all the moody, fun, “rock and roll” vibes these festive signs bring to the big day. There are really SO many different ways to incorporate neon into your wedding decor. From a rad ceremony backdrop to a statement piece at the reception, we’ve got the best tips for you!

Did we mention another reason we love neon signs is that you can keep them and reuse them as fun decor in your home? So cute!! It’s a memento from the day that can remind you of the best party of your lives! If you’re ready to light up the night and show your playful side, read on with us as we share the cutest sayings, our favorite custom signs and our suggestions on where you can find your own!

When couples think neon, they often assume it has to be loud, bright and colorful. However, you also have the option to go sleek, modern and minimal too! Take the soft white sign above. It’s the perfect accent to a unique bridal portrait session or a monochromatic, minimalist wedding that’s looking for something a bit different.

Neon wedding signs are often used as well, signs. You can use them to direct your guests or highlight the entrance to a venue space. We love the idea though to show off the theme of your wedding when guests first walk in! If there’s something symbolic or important to you both as a couple, make it a focal point of the night. Include your guests and let them know it’s something really special!

Who says you can only have one neon wedding sign??

Bring the drama to your evening reception and set the mood for the party by choosing a mix of your favourite sayings in neon! At Disco Nyts you will often see us out and about with a neon sign strapped to our Dj booth.

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